Tenable Edge 2019 will be a gathering of the world’s leading cyber exposure experts, visionaries and practitioners. Discover how top executives and cyber gurus are using this emerging discipline — backed by data science — to understand the true business costs of cyber risk. Tenable Edge will be held at The Hilton Atlanta in Georgia.


Our VP of Engineering Andrei  Bezdedeanu will co-present with William Fryberger, Director of Information Security Operations and Identity and Access Management, Procter & Gamble, on “Building a Comprehensive Security Strategy through Software-Defined Risk Management”. Executing a comprehensive security strategy requires a combination of different techniques and frameworks. Automating and integrating the security toolchain into the SDLC helps bootstrap a program and creates operational efficiency. A mature CI/CD pipeline and proper gates enable compliance to regulatory standards and provide a process for controlling quality and risk. An Application Vulnerability Correlation framework streamlines vulnerability testing and remediation and provides de-duplication, normalization and valuable risk metrics. Leveraging Threat and Vulnerability Management capabilities, firms can prioritize the way issues get addressed and focus their available limited resources on the most critical areas, ultimately reducing cyber risk and helping prevent data breaches and security incidents. By leveraging all these capabilities, organizations can make data-driven decisions on direction and overall security strategy and provide continuous, board-visible insight through software-defined risk management. During this session we will discuss how actionable data, digestible at the executive level, enables business decision makers and security professionals to work together to manage vulnerabilities and risk, and achieve greater resiliency.

The session will be Thursday, May 23, 11:30 AM.

The ZeroNorth™ team will be at Tenable Edge with a booth in the Partner Pavilion. Make sure to stop by. Read more

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